Fleet Maintenance

JCK fleet maintenance is a never ending job and we endeavour not only to keep the fleet in good mechanical order, but also well presented and tidy on the road.
After a recent accident when another motorist failed to see our truck coming and pulled out in front of it ( no one seriously hurt fortunately) we took the opportunity to re-assess the visual status of our trucks on the road.
We are now adopting Hi Vis striped Bumper and front panels, and incorporating day running lights where appropriate as well as reflective side stripes to further enhance visibility of the trucks at junctions etc.
We are happy to do this in an effort to make our Islands roads a little safer. 👍
The fleet is a credit to drivers and maintenance staff who keep them in good order.

Lucky no serious injuries

Looking better after a visit to our in house body repair shop.
Hi Vis Front with day running lights, please don’t pull out in front of it !

Hi Vis Sides

Accident damage repaired and a coat of paint all round.

Hi Vis Rear

114 Bumper gets the same treatment.

Watch out for the Sweeper moving slowly on the road 🐌