Project Description

Client: Cedar Developments
Location: Ballawoods

Description of Works

  • New road construction.
  • Ducting trenches for services.
  • Kerb road kerbs.
  • Installing gabion baskets to form a new drainage ditch.
  • Landscaping and forming new hedge rows.

Eastcliffe, Day Centre

Project Description

Client: Eastcliffe, Day Centre
Location: Cedar
Year Started: 2018

We will be returning in the new year to finish all the external works, which include paving, concrete works and landscaping.

Description of Works

  • Footings all installed.
  • Floor slab installed for ground floor and first floor.
  • Drainage all complete.

Garth Road Improvement Works

Project Description

Client: DOI
Location: Garth Road
To be Completed: February 2019

Description of Works

  • New land drain installation.
  • Additional road gullies to be installed.
  • Cleaning out existing ditches.
  • Road kerbs to be installed.
  • 1100m of new tarmac to be laid.

Ballawoods Railway Line

JCK Ltd were the chosen contractor to install services below the heritage steam railway line at Ballawoods. This involved the removal of the permanent way rails, the installation of service ducks for a new development and the re-instatement of the permanent way.

The contract also involved the demolition of the dialect gate keepers house and general landscaping of the area.

Perwick Bay

The land behind a house in Port St Mary had subsided during the night , the land had slipped approximately 30 metres down into a river.

The river had to be cleared out allowing river flow to continue naturally, the only means off doing this was to use a 70 ton crane with a skip on it , access to the river was via rope access works only.

Once this phase of the works were complete we had to stabilise the remainder of the bank behind the house, this was done by placing netting over the bank then soil nails were drilled into the face, these nails are at various lengths, ranging from 6 metres to 15 metres. Once the nails were in place they are then grouted to secure them in the ground.  The nails are then secured to the netting using galvanised plates and nuts. A total of 186 nails were used in this project. All works on this project was done via rope access personal.

Breast Unit

Project Description

Client: Isle Of Man Government, Department of Health
Location: Nobles Hospital
Year Started: 2015
Year Completed: 2016

The project is to execute the construction works to facilitate the New Endoscopy Suite and New Breast Clinic and Screening Unit.

The works are located at the existing Nobles Hospital, creating onerous constraints that must be considered in the planning and execution of the contract.

Description of Works

  • Foundations
  • Slab
  • Drainage
  • Steel & Cladding
  • Mechanical Installations
  • Electrical Installations
  • Building Works in Connection with Services
  • Connection Works to Main Hospital Room
  • Scaffolding
  • Netting
  • Roof Works
  • Decoration
  • Fit Out Works
  • Clients Fit Out Works
  • Floor coverings
  • Glazing
  • Landscaping soft and hard
  • Confined Spaces Operations
  • Machinery Operations
  • Haulage Operations

Adult Psychiatric Unit, Nobles Hospital

Project Description

Location:   Nobles Hospital, Douglas
Surface Area: 2100m2
Year Started: 2015                                                                                               Year Completed: 2016

The project is to execute the construction works to facilitate the Adult Psychiatric Admissions Ward. The facility is circa 2100m2 of a predominantly single storey building, with the spilt level section to the adjoining Geedyn Reesht single storey link building. The contract has major Civil Engineering works, including drainage, car park, Gabions and RC Walls, together with mains service diversions.

Off Site works include a new mains cable from the Nobles Hospital Sub-Station.