The land behind a house in Port St Mary had subsided during the night , the land had slipped approximately 30 metres down into a river.

The river had to be cleared out allowing river flow to continue naturally, the only means off doing this was to use a 70 ton crane with a skip on it , access to the river was via rope access works only.

Once this phase of the works were complete we had to stabilise the remainder of the bank behind the house, this was done by placing netting over the bank then soil nails were drilled into the face, these nails are at various lengths, ranging from 6 metres to 15 metres. Once the nails were in place they are then grouted to secure them in the ground.  The nails are then secured to the netting using galvanised plates and nuts. A total of 186 nails were used in this project. All works on this project was done via rope access personal.